The Four Eagles Spirit

Four Eagles is the publishing company for visionaries that removes all the complications in the process, and makes you feel at home while creating your masterpiece.

The Four Eagles Spirit

Four Eagles is the publishing company for visionaries that removes all the complications in the process, and makes you feel at home while creating your masterpiece.


Four Eagles was born with one goal:

To create a joyful and simple process for writing, publishing and marketing your best-selling book.

Our Why

Stories are written on our souls before they flow into our fingers and become the printed versions of themselves that we devour through reading and draw life-changing decisions from. We are here to get you to the point of placing these thoughts in a position to impact the lives of others.

Our Why

Publishing with Four Eagles takes the complicated steps out of publishing and makes it so that the authors can not only have their messages received as they conceive it, but have them tailored in such a way that they can reach those who they feel most connected with, without ever having met them in person.  Many have an outline of a story in mind when they come to Four Eagles, some doubt that they are authors because they have never written before. There are many firsts on the journey to writing your book, and Four Eagles, believing that every person has a story to tell, meets you on that open level to hear what you have to say. Stories that are unfiltered, from the soul, make for the best books. All the mechanics of publishing are simplified when there is a genuine product afoot, which we simply cannot resist immersing ourselves in.
Tarryn Reeves looking forward

The Origins

Four Eagles is the brainchild of Tarryn Reeves whose story and journey into publishing and the art of storytelling is weaved and unwinds from as far back as her origins in Zimbabwe. This mystical journey that she has taken, has taught her how to step into her own and how along the way, to help others to do the same. Being called to do something to help others is the starting point of Four Eagles, whose existence was decided upon by asking for guidance.

The guidance to make changes in Tarryn’s professional life. Seeing four eagles as the signs, they told her she was on the right path. Grounded in a bit of shamanism, practical knowledge of publishing and the openness and directness to see the potential in writing, Tarryn Reeves built what exists today out of passion and the want to help others share their stories so they can impact the lives of others.

Our Spirit

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Focus on what really matters

Your soul is in the words, and printed, immortalized, your work is done. The next steps are ours and we will take the passion that you have poured into your work and move it into the slots and spaces that it needs to be seen, read and experienced.

Beyond Business

There’s a foundation of humanity behind business. That foundation should never be taken for granted. This often gets lost in checked boxes. This is not what Four Eagles is about. We are the reminder that your message, your story, and your impact upon this world are understood and will be carried to those who need to see, feel and experience what you bring to the fore.

Publish without editing your soul

The beauty of writing is in authenticity. The connection between author and reader is made by the message shared. This only truly works when there is soul in your writing. This will never be compromised.

Feel at home while creating your masterpiece

We believe there is a way to keep business human. You will not be lost in the noise. This process is a joyful one and we your presence every step of the way. There is beauty to the evolution of an idea and seeing it to fruition and we will be guiding you through every stage.

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