How to Profit from Writing Books: The Ultimate Guide

There’s no question that writing a book can be profitable. But how profitable? And what are the best ways to go about profiting from writing books? In this ultimate guide, we’ll cover all of that and more. So whether you’re an experienced author or just starting out, read on for tips and advice on how […]

Becoming a Best Selling Author in a Multi-Author Book Project

  Trust me: you 100% want to take advantage of any multi-author book projects that Four Eagles Publishing has to offer.   You may be wondering “what is a multi-author book?”   Well, a multi-author book is a collaboration. Between people in business where you each write one chapter and have your biography at the […]

10 Tips To Reduce Your Word Count

  In this article we are talking about how to reduce your word count, either in a manuscript or an article, because sometimes when you are writing, you are confined to a word count.     For example, when you’re pitching to the media, your submissions have to be within a certain number of words […]

Getting The Write Flow! Transition Tips

  Transitions between our paragraphs and chapters create a cohesive and comfortable reading experience for our readers!   Transitions:   Create relationships between ideas Give the reader directions on how to piece together information in a logical way Can encourage the reader to think and react in a certain way to what you are writing […]

The Top 3 Reasons to Participate in a Multi-Author Book Project

  Becoming a best-selling author leads to effortless client attraction in your business by positioning you as the GO-TO expert in your field.   The benefits of adding such an accolade to your bio are many but these are the top 3 favourites:   1. Expanding your audience = increasing your reach = more eyeballs […]

Story of the Storyteller

  My life is beautiful.   But oftentimes, beauty does not happen overnight. In my case, it’s taken a lifetime thus far of 34 years.   Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with Rhonda Swan and tell some of the story that has shaped me and brought me to this point in my […]