The Top 3 Reasons to Participate in a Multi-Author Book Project


Becoming a best-selling author leads to effortless client attraction in your business by positioning you as the GO-TO expert in your field.


The benefits of adding such an accolade to your bio are many but these are the top 3 favourites:


1. Expanding your audience = increasing your reach = more eyeballs on your stuff = more sales

In a multi-author book project, there are at least 20 other high-level entrepreneurs all with their own networks. 


That means that you have the opportunity to reach thousands more people! Conservatively speaking, if you set up referral partnerships and/or collaboration opportunities (think being a guest expert in someone else’s course, speaking on a podcast, emailing each other’s lists) with at least 5 of your co-authors, you will sell out your offer. These people already trust the person who is promoting you and so you have the golden backing of social proof making your credibility soar and sales so much easier.


What would it cost you to effortlessly tap into the audience of 20 other entrepreneurs with ease? Much more than the investment for a multi-author book project that’s for sure!


2. More sales

This point follows on from the one above.


I’m going to be blunt (I’m a Sagittarius, it’s in my DNA) . . . you are not going to make money from book sales. The money you will make is as a result of the strategy you have in place after the book has launched. 


Sharing your story in the book acts as the magic potion that serves to rapidly accelerate the know-like-trust factor it takes someone to buy from you. Your soul client reads your story, gets to your bio, lovingly stalks you because they recognise that you are their person, gratefully download your freebie/book a call/(insert clever marketing strategy here) and are already 99% ready to buy from you! Sales doesn’t get much easier than that!


Here is an example for my people who like to see numbers:


  1. This author signed up to participate in a multi-author book project.
  2. She put together a simple training on how to make $100K from a Facebook group.
  3. Within 14 days of the launch, 68 people purchased her program at $150 – a total of $10,200.
  4. A month later she put out a $1000 upsell and 27 people purchased that – a total of $27,000
  5. She then introduced her $15,000 high-end package and 3 people purchased that – a total of $45,000.
  6. In less than 6 months, this author had received $82,200 that was directly related to the book launch!


Seems like a no-brainer to me! I like those stats! 


3. Community


Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely experience! Especially if you don’t have friends or family members who run their own online business. Facebook groups are filled with ‘wanna-be’ entrepreneurs and side hustles (don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with this but you do outgrow this level) and you can be left wondering if there is actually anyone out there operating at your level, who gets you and your big mission and ambitions.


Joining a project like this isn’t just about writing a book – it is SO much more. Finding the people who get you and cheer you on is like a soothing balm to the soul. You feel supported, you feel expanded, you feel joyful, and you feel on purpose.


The fact that you were all called to write under the same book title already means you have a tonne in common. Once you go through the transformative writing process, the support calls, the trainings, the launch day experience, the highs of becoming a best-selling author create a very special bond that is hard to find online. 


The experience of writing in a multi-author book project, give you ALL this and more ! I invite you to join the Authors Inner Circle with Four Eagles Publishing and start your journey to becoming a best-selling author TODAY ! Click here to send me a message and enquire about the multi-author book opportunity currently open for applications.



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