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Publishing a book is as simple as being you.


Publishing a book should be a joyful and inspiring journey

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Why Four Eagles?

Writing and publishing a book can seem a complex process. With the plans that we have in place for the whole process, we will minimise your concerns while maximising your visions. You can focus on your mission, while we take care of all the moving parts. 

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Focus on what really matters

Your soul is in the words, and printed, immortalized, your work is done. The next steps are ours and we will take the passion that you have poured into your work and move it into the slots and spaces that it needs to be seen, read and experienced.

Beyond Business

There’s a foundation of humanity behind business. That foundation should never be taken for granted. This often gets lost in checked boxes. This is not what Four Eagles is about. We are the reminder that your message, your story, and your impact upon this world are understood and will be carried to those who need to see, feel and experience what you bring to the fore.

Publish without editing your soul

The beauty of writing is in authenticity. The connection between author and reader is made by the message shared. This only truly works when there is soul in your writing. This will never be compromised.

Feel at home while creating your masterpiece

We believe there is a way to keep business human. You will not be lost in the noise. This process is a joyful one and we your presence every step of the way. There is beauty to the evolution of an idea and seeing it to fruition and we will be guiding you through every stage.

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Publishing a book is simple

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The idea of publishing gets you thinking of demographics, statistics and placement. It can have you focused on the viability of your book once it hits the market. We at Four Eagles take all of that away from your plate, while keeping you in the loop.

There is an ebb and flow to the way we work which matches the dynamic minds that we love to work with – the conscious visionaries, disruptors, CEOs, high-level entrepreneurs, those who want to share their message and impact more lives.

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